One on One “To Go!” is your Fitness Solution!

Being successful with your fitness at home doesn’t require spending thousands of dollars on a home gym. Let One on One help you save by creating an effective home fitness program that will help you be successful for the long-term.

One on One’s approach is what sets us apart. Our team of professionals will assess your unique needs and develop an individualized, results-oriented program made just for you.

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How it works:

Start with an initial consultation (30-60 minutes). Your initial consultation is a crucial session where we gather all the necessary information (i.e. goals, medical history, orthopedic status, etc.) required to design an individualized, results-oriented experience. Additionally, we conduct a Functional Movement Screen to identify your movement abilities to help us prescribe safe fitness protocols.

Three follow up instructional sessions (60 minutes). These instructional sessions are solely focused on you being successful training on your own. Over the course of these instructional sessions, we ensure you have complete ownership over your program. This means you need to not only know proper form, but also understand the pace, intensity, and appropriate progressions within your program.

Equipment: Although not required, we recommend equipment including tubing with a door attachment, foam roller, and dumbbells.

“Since I live 50 miles away, I didn’t think training with One on One was possible. I realized that the exercise I was doing on my own was probably hurting me more than it was helping, but I didn’t realize it until I started the “To Go!” Program.” –Don Jewell, One on One “To Go!” client since 2008.

Who we serve:

Our core clientele consists of people (typically age 50 and up) wanting to live their healthiest, happiest life. This means they want to lose weight, manage their aches/pains, and improve their fitness so they are free to live the lives they want to live.

Additional notes:

  • Training sessions can be conducted live in your home or virtually through Zoom. Once we are open you can come to One on One.
  • 30 days of email support and access to our online educational materials and forum are included.