“Experience the Difference” in Safety and Service

To say that we are thrilled to open would be an understatement. During the state-mandated shutdown, we reinvented One on One to provide the safest experience while providing the best possible personal training services. Read below to learn more about the new One on One experience.

Our Safety Standard: One on One must be made safe for our loved ones

In addition to conferring with healthcare professionals locally, we have monitored what is being done in our industry throughout the country. While some are very cavalier about safety concerns, others are completely overboard, legislating every move a person makes.

Responsible, sensible safety procedures for One on One are based on the understanding that we are a relatively small, close-knit community. For clients and team members alike, our closest family and friends are interacting through One on One regularly. It must be made safe for our loved ones.

Accordingly, our safety measures ensure highest standard of cleanliness and social distancing. Here are the steps we’ve taken:

Essentially, we’ve re-designed and equipped the facility with more dumbbells, kettlebells, and Freemotion cables allowing for exercise with your own equipment in your socially distanced space. Additionally, we have serviced and upgraded our HVAC system to include UV/hydroperoxide plasma technology to treat our air. We have also installed MERV-13 antimicrobial filters for the system.

In addition to our regularly scheduled professional cleanings, staff members are disinfecting equipment and high-touch areas throughout the day. Clients are expected to disinfect any equipment they have used.

  • Do not come to One on One if you are experiencing any signs/symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Sign One on One’s Client Covenant. We are all responsible for maintaining One on One’s safety standards and not putting anyone in the One on One community at risk.
  • Clean equipment after use with your own microfiber towel provided to you from One on One.
  • Totally respect 6-foot social distance.
  • Sanitize hands immediately upon entering facility.

Services: Something for Everyone

Our commitment to maintaining social distancing have necessitated changes to our service offerings. Changing our well-established model has been difficult, however One on One is in a strong position to provide the best possible experience in COVID-19 circumstances. There is an option for everyone:

Since 2015, we have been perfecting our ability to provide fun, results-oriented fitness and nutrition programming through FaceTime, Skype and Zoom. The difference between a live, individualized virtual training session and a generic workout video is monumental. In fact, a large population of the One on One community are continuing to take advantage of virtual training. Expect the highest level of service from our full-time fitness and nutrition professionals.

We are happy to provide a suite of virtual services:

This is our most structured and time-efficient fitness program. Personal Fitness Training clients commit to a series of twelve sessions, typically three to four fully-supervised sessions per week. These sessions can be performed either in our State College facility, your home, or at your office. Each session is prepared in advance based on your goals and feedback from your previous exercise session.

The Associate Program provides the motivation, knowledge and skill of a personal trainer at a lower cost to the client. Following the Initial Consultation and Fitness Evaluation, Associate clients will complete three instructional training sessions with their trainer to learn their program. Then, after having an opportunity to exercise independently in our State College gym for one to two sessions, Associate clients will once again meet with their trainer to update their initial routine. They then meet with their trainer once per week and perform the remaining prescribed sessions independently at our facility.

Socially distanced Small Group Training (SGT) provides One on One’s unique brand of personal training at a lower price point. Our State College gym has been redesigned so you can safely exercise while using your own equipment with plenty of social distance.

If you want to meet with a One on One team member, but feel more comfortable training in your home we can come to you! We can schedule off-site training at your home.

The back room in our facility is equipped and ready to exclusively train you if you want to limit contact with other people and just interact with your trainer.

For an additional fee, you can schedule personal training exclusively in the back room just for you, your trainer and anyone else you would like to have join you.