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By The One on One Team

Last Updated: 9/10/23

Let’s face it: not everyone enjoys working out. We all have weeks (or months or years!) when we’re tired of it, but we continue to exercise because we know the tremendous benefits of regular physical activity. Even if enjoyment isn’t your main reason for exercising, you can adjust your workouts to make them more fun! This week’s Focus Point will review a few strategies for maximizing the fun factor of your workouts.

Before making changes to your exercise routine, it’s important to consider what type of exerciser you are. Some of us prefer a consistent routine, while others enjoy mixing up their workouts with a variety of exercises, techniques, and intensities to avoid getting bored. Knowing what type you are will guide your strategies. Regardless of your preferences, here are a few suggestions for getting more enjoyment out of your exercise.


Create a Challenge or Specific Training Goal

Training for a specific goal or challenge can be motivating and spark new life into your fitness routine. Try creating small challenges within your workouts, such as timing how quickly you can get through a circuit and challenging yourself to improve each time. You can also create a training goal to work towards, such as a race or other athletic event. Make sure that your goals are realistic—start small and work up. (Remember, less is more!) Having a goal or challenge can make exercise more purposeful, and will likely increase your motivation.


Partner Up

Exercising with a partner can act as a great accountability tool. Knowing that someone else is depending on you to exercise can give you the extra push you need to get going. It also makes your time spent exercising more enjoyable. Sharing a few laughs and catching up with a friend while working out will make time go by faster and take your mind off the hard work you are doing. Consider participating in Small Group Training at One on One; you’ll be joining an awesome community that provides the support and encouragement you may need to keep pushing yourself!


Get Outside

Here in State College we are surrounded by fantastic options for being active outdoors. Try incorporating activities such as hiking, mountain biking, swimming, basketball, or volleyball (just to name a few). If there is an outdoor pastime that has always interested you, go for it! Learning something new will usually bring enjoyable challenges to a workout routine. Even if you can’t experiment with new activities, try taking your current workout techniques outside. Running, walking, and performing simple bodyweight exercises outdoors can give you a great workout along with a fun change of scenery.

The bottom line is that being fit and active does not have to be boring. Incorporate activities into your life that you truly enjoy, and you will find it much easier to stay active for the long haul. For this week and moving forward, talk with your trainer to discuss ways that fitness can be more fun for you!