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Healthy living is about more than simply dieting and engaging in the latest fitness craze. In order to live healthy, happy lives, old habits must be broken and new ones established.

Each 6-week program is customizable and includes two meetings per week. Come prepared to exercise, learn key nutrition strategies and establish new, healthy habits!

Healthy Habits “for girls” (ages 15-22) begins
January 15, 2019.

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Have a group of friends or family members looking to solidify new, healthy habits?

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Groups are Customizable

All groups are fully customizable. We provide “Healthy Habits” for any group of like-minded individuals working towards similar goals. If you have a group of friends and/or family who would like to participate, contact us about creating your customized group in addition to our currently scheduled groups.

Have a group of friends and/or family members looking to solidify new, healthy habits?

Contact us today!

Bi-Weekly Meetings

Each group will have 6-8 participants and meet twice per week.  Each meeting will include a customized workout and educational component delivered by a fitness/nutrition professional.

Nutrition & Fitness Education

One on One has taken the unique approach of hiring Registered Dietitians and training them to be fitness professionals. “Healthy Habits” provides real solutions delivered by real experts.

Education topics vary according to each group’s needs and preferences. Sample topics include:

  • The Secrets to Weight Loss
  • The Latest in Sports Performance Nutrition
  • Mindful Eating: Tools that Actually Work
  • Prioritizing Health with a Busy Schedule

Group Workouts

Each workout will be tailored specifically to the goals and varying fitness levels of the group. Regardless of the mode of exercise, all members will be set up for success.

Community Support

“Healthy Habits” was created for like-minded individuals with similar goals who are committed to holding each other accountable. Not only will participants have each other to count on, but their fitness/nutrition professional will be with them every step of the way to ensure their success.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Healthy Habits” is a 6-week community-based wellness program designed to provide small groups (6-8 participants) of like-minded individuals with the tools to build and sustain a healthy lifestyle.  These tools include fitness education, two workouts per week, nutrition education, ongoing nutrition support, and finally, group support and accountability. It is amazing how powerful the group dynamic can be!

“Healthy Habits” supports One on One’s Give Back Initiative. The cost of participation is a $350.00 donation to the Youth Service Bureau or Centre Volunteers in Medicine.

Register by December 14, 2018 for $50.00 off the registration cost for “Healthy Habits for Girls!“.

The first meeting of each week will be 75 to 90 minutes. That will include 30 to 45 minutes of nutrition/fitness education followed by 45 minutes of exercise.

The second meeting of each week will be approximately 60 minutes. That will include 15-20 minutes of education/discussion followed by 45 minutes of exercise.

No, we welcome anyone to join “Healthy Habits”.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer “Healthy Habits” participation to virtual clients at this time.

Each week of the program, participants are required to:

  1. ​Attend the two weekly group meetings/workouts.
  2. Set a 7-day nutrition/fitness commitment.

​We strongly believe in “Healthy Habits” and want participants to get the most out of it.  Members must be committed to making the program a priority.

Wear clothes you are comfortable working out in to all of the meetings and plan to do some type of exercise. We will be sure to let anyone know if you should ever need any specific clothes or shoes.

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