In the fall of 2017, after being diagnosed with hip impingement and hip-related osteoporosis, I knew I needed help – even though I was always “too busy” to take time from the last months of Mayoral activities.  I was a wreck.  My shoulders didn’t work; putting on a coat by myself was almost impossible.  Plus I was weak from sitting on my behind during an additional year of breast cancer treatments.

I had never joined a fitness club but knew I wanted an expert who could analyze what I needed and would be available to work with me.  I asked a friend, Tom, who went to a place he praised for keeping his back in shape.  When asked what he thought about his fitness gym, without hesitation he said:  “The name is One on One and I recommend it highly.” After five minutes of hearing about their expertise, I called to make an appointment.

At first I was concerned One and One would not work with me because of my poor physical condition.   During my phone call, however, I heard only encouragement, and an invitation to come in and be evaluated.

As soon as I entered the facility I felt welcomed.  And throughout my evaluation for range of motion, strength, balance, stamina, etc., Ryan, a very positive and knowledgeable trainer, was genuinely encouraging throughout.  He didn’t gasp or roll his eyes even once.

The fact there is absolutely NO sense of competition or judgment at One on One is pretty important to me.  Everyone is treated equally, even though our physical capabilities can vary widely.  That means everyone – no matter age or current conditioning – quickly becomes part of the ‘family’.  I was surprised how many people I know who have been One on One clients for years.

All this makes me feel like a groupie – and I love the concept of being fit!

Over the past 13 months, One on One has changed my life.  My hips not only move they are getting stronger.  Putting on my jacket is no longer an Olympic event for me.  And I am building up my aerobic capacity.

Normal living is no longer painful or difficult.  I have become a fitness fanatic and plan to be a member of One on One for many, many years to come!