Paige went live in person and on Facebook to educate about nutrition strategies for weight management. Proper nutrition is essential for successful weight loss, but popular dietary advice is often convoluted, conflicting, and frankly, confusing! Our goal was to bring simplicity and clarity to a popular subject.

To successfully lose weight for the long-term, you must include all food groups in your diet, exercise regularly and focus on mindful eating.

Here are some highlights (video timing in parenthesis):

  • Excessively restricting calories and eliminating carbohydrates  are not sustainable weight loss nutrition strategies. (6:28 – 16:53)
  • Make mindful eating your go-to nutrition strategy. It simplifies your eating plan. (17:58 – 29:29)
  • Use the hunger scale to initiate eating and stop when you’re pleasantly full. Click here to view the hunger scale. (29:39 – 31:14)
  • We shared some new products on the market. Check out this list of healthy new options. (34:00 – 35:44)

Click here to see the presentation slides.

Go to One on One’s Facebook Page to watch the presentation and click the embedded links for handouts and strategies.