Will and the One on One Team,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you’ve done in my first 9 months with One on One. In February, I had a day off and stepped in on a whim, just to see what this place was. I’d noticed it while in physical therapy next door. Sitting in the lobby, my tailbone hurt so badly I could barely touch the cushions. And that was after two years of physical therapy, drugs, doctors, and pain. My last-resort recovery plan included a chiropractor and physical fitness. My first few weeks were daunting. Could I get there twice a week? What about work? Kids? Errands?Guilt? And can I really not kneel on one knee without falling over or do a single squat correctly? Top off the guilt with some gloom. Eventually you and John helped get me to a modest level of function, and things felt a little better. Then there were illnesses, travel, etc. – all the things that cause fitness ups and downs – but you helped me keep at it. Then this fall I noticed a few things. I could sit without pain. I didn’t wince getting out of a car. I didn’t have to survey the room for what chair would hurt least. What’s more, is that a bicep muscle I see? An honest to goodnesss muscle?

Wow. Who knew?

Will, you have been patient when I needed gentleness, assertive when I needed challenge. You’ve eased up when I needed space, and pushed when I needed a shove. You’ve done all this with consummate professionalism, but not with cold professionalism. You’ve done it with a welcome smile and a tremendous warmth that I have grown to appreciate immensely even as I tell you how much “I hate you” during a workout. So thanks to you and One on One for making such tremendous impact not only on my personal health, but also on my famly’s life. It’ better because I’m better, and you’ve played a remarkable role in that growth.

Thank you, and many blessings for a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Carrie Marcinkevage

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