I have been a One on One client since May of 2005. I went to them because I was a long-time sufferer of lower back pain. For over 30 years I had been trying various medical procedures to “fix” my back but none provided long-term relief. The constant pain and occasional debilitating flare-ups had significantly deteriorated my quality of life. Exercising was the last thing I felt like doing because I was afraid I would hurt my back even worse, but I was desperate to try to find a solution to my back problem.

I was immediately impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of my initial consultation with Kym. She seemed to understand what I had been through & what I was going through at the time. Even though I had such a long and problematic history of back pain, Kym was confident that her program could help me. I was skeptical but was willing to give it a try.

Now – 5 years later – I can honestly say that joining One on One was one of the best things I’ve ever done to improve my quality of life. Although I will always have a “bad back” because of internal structural damage, I no longer have constant pain and any “flare-up” is short and easily resolved… plus, my energy and fitness level are the best I’ve had since I was a kid. The One on One exercise program that was custom-designed for my specific condition and expertly executed by their incredibly well-trained staff has done wonders. I no longer feel like a crippled old man with a bad back.

I want to especially praise the exceptional job that Kym, Bruce and Jeff do in finding and training their staff. I have always been extremely impressed with the professionalism of the trainers I’ve worked with at One on One. Every trainer has been very knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated to getting me to do what I should be doing, which isn’t always what I want to do. The exceptional quality of the staff can be no accident & is a tribute to those who hire & train them.

For their own sake, I hope my words above will convince others who were like me to join One on One. Having good health is so important to enjoying life. It is a shame to suffer needlessly when a fitness program can make such a huge positive difference in your health.

Bob Woodard, State College PA
Client since May 2005

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