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Optimizing your Cardio Training

The benefits of cardio training are numerous. However, if not done intelligently, we run the risk of injury and diminishing returns.

Metabolic Resistance Training

While steady state exercise (jogging, cycling, etc.) has many benefits, you just can’t beat high intensity Metabolic Resistance Training when it comes to time-efficiency and effectiveness!

Thriving Through the Holidays

Contrary to popular belief, the holiday season does not need to lead to poor eating, weight gain and a lack of focus towards your health goals.

Calorie Dense vs. Nutrient Dense

The nutritional quality of the calories that we eat each day can have a significant impact on our efforts towards healthier living, disease prevention, and weight loss.

Are you a “Dabbler”?

For 35+ years, we've have had the privilege of helping thousands of people navigate through their “wellness journey”. If there is one piece of advice we would share to ensure lasting success, it is to start with the right mindset and use a measured approach.

Lat Pulldowns

In addition to strengthening several muscles of the upper body, lat pulldowns also play a key role in improving posture and spinal stabilization.


Participating in a system of accountability can be extremely rewarding and ultimately helps to ensure success in all facets of our lives.

Keys to Healthy Nutritional Habits

Whether you are trying to lose weight, get stronger, or simply improve the quality of your diet, being realistic about your goals and strategy to succeed is key.

Focus on the Process

We often focus our attention and effort on something we have little control over: the outcome. Instead, we should focus on what we have total control over: the process.

Making Fitness Fun

Even if enjoyment isn’t your main reason for exercising, you can still use these strategies to adjust your workouts and make them more fun!

Avoid “Cheap Intensity”

Unfortunately, many HIIT participants (and instructors) gauge the effectiveness of their workouts by how hard they are with no regard for how smart they are.

Drink Fewer Calories

For those interested in losing weight and improving body composition, beverage choices are just as important as food choices. High calorie drinks can sabotage an otherwise well executed weight loss strategy.

Enjoy Your HEALTHY Weekend

There are a variety of reasons why the weekends pose unique challenges. Check out our strategies to maximize your weekend!

Kettlebell Training

When used correctly, kettlebells are appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels, and have been proven to improve strength, power, endurance, mobility, and back health.

Eat a Balanced Breakfast

Whether you are trying to decrease body fat or stay energized throughout your day, breakfast is an important part of the equation.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is one of the most effective modes of endurance training. Combining purposeful indoor cycling workouts with good nutrition and strength training is a solid recipe for improved body composition and fitness.


When it comes to a strong core, planking is where it's at! Planking is a safe, effective way to strengthen your core and help you move better.

Joy of Cooking

You don't need to be a 5-star chef to make cooking more enjoyable! Here are a few simple tips to help you experience the joy of cooking.


NEAT, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis, refers to calories burned doing daily activities not related to working out. Increasing NEAT is a small change that can play an integral role in weight loss or maintenance.


You have probably heard about exercise “after-burn,” or your body’s ability to burn more calories after working out. This "after-burn" is known as EPOC.

TRX Training

The TRX suspension trainer has proven to be a valuable asset to our training programs at One on One. It combines body-weight resistance training with multi-planar movement patterns to stimulate improvements in core stability, strength, flexibility, and balance.

Hydration: Are You Drinking Enough Water?

We all know that we need to drink water, but how much is enough? And, what happens if we fall short? This week’s Focus Point will highlight the benefits of staying hydrated, as well as provide strategies to increase hydration.

Hierarchy of Fat Loss

While there are endless formats and training styles in the fitness industry, Alwyn Cosgrove's hierarchy of fat loss outlines the most effective ways to reduce fat. 

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