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Back to Basics: The Last 3 Reps

For this week, focus on making the last three reps of every exercise look like the first three to maximize your training efforts!

“Give Back” Raises over Half a Million Dollars for CVIM and YSB!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: One on One donates over $61,000 in 2021 and exceeds the half-million mark in donations to Centre Volunteers in Medicine and the Youth Service Bureau through its “Give Back” initiative. 1/12/22 State College, Pa. One on One, 424 W. Aaron Drive, State College, Pa., is pleased to announce it raised $61,870 through its “Give Back” initiative in 2021, and over a half-million dollars since its inception in 2009. In addition to special events and direct donations from One on One, “Give Back” provides One on One’s clients the opportunity to pay for certain services by making a donation to one of its chosen charities, either the Youth Service Bureau or Centre Volunteers in Medicine. "Having the support of One on One [...]

Back to Basics: Set-up and Endpoints

It's important to remember that exercising with poor form will, at best, feed dysfunctional movement and, at worst, lead to injury.  This alone is reason enough to reinvest ourselves into knowing and practicing proper form.

Strategies to Succeed: Communication

Poor communication inevitably causes problems and stress that, unlike many of the other “curveballs” life throws at us, are totally preventable.

Strategies to Succeed: Inventory Taking

Inventory taking is nothing more than taking a formal examination of our efforts and habits in all areas of our lives (relationships, career, health, etc.). It is a proactive process that helps us identify if we are on track to attain our goals, or are coming up a little short.

3D Matrix Training

To maximize our ability to function at the highest level, we must train our bodies in 3D. Matrix training is built around this concept.

The Scoop on Added Sugars

Consuming the majority of your daily sugar intake from natural rather than added sources will not only help prevent chronic disease but will also ensure your body is getting the nutrients that are vital to long term health and happiness.

Defining Your “Why”

Though short-term objectives can motivate you to start an exercise program or cross specific hurdles, it is the more meaningful, long-term objectives that will help you sustain a healthy lifestyle forever.

Metabolic Resistance Training

While steady state exercise (jogging, cycling, etc.) has many benefits, you just can’t beat high intensity Metabolic Resistance Training whe