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Healthy and Happy: Start with the End in Mind

How many times have you created fitness/nutrition goals and failed? How often have you set goals, achieved them through sheer force of will, then ended up right back where you started? Unfortunately, this happens too frequently. Our experience has shown that people tend to set goals without giving any serious thought as to why they are doing so, or even how realistic they are in the first place.

TRX Training

The TRX suspension trainer has proven to be a valuable asset to our training programs at One on One. It combines body-weight resistance training with multi-planar movement patterns to stimulate improvements in core stability, strength, flexibility, and balance.

Smart Snacking

It’s easy to munch on unhealthy options, but when snacking is done right, it plays an important role in a healthy diet. Here is some food for thought about smart snacking.

Training While Traveling

With Spring Break quickly approaching, now is a good time to consider your fitness goals and make plans to maintain your exercise frequency. Regardless of your location or situation, you must have the “tools” to train yourself effectively.

Carbs are Key

We asked the experts…is the fear of carbs really warranted? According to our RDs and comprehensive nutrition research, the answer is a strong no!

Sitting… Get Up and Move

Due to our environment, we spend most of our days sitting. Even if you feel like an active person, sitting likely takes up a large portion of your time.

Lessons Learned in 2018

By Ryan Burke 2018 presented many learning opportunities. Here are a few lessons learned…. Simplify. Last year felt, at times, challenging and complicated. However, the lesson I learned is that life is only as complicated as I make it. I have the power to complicate my life, and conversely, simplify it. When life got challenging, I focused on simplifying my life by maintaining a positive perspective, avoiding overscheduling and completing my days one task, one hour at a time. Avoid speaking in terms of “have to’s” and “should’s.” I used these phrases in my language far too often, and I realized it’s a sign that my life is spiraling out of control. For example, I used to tell myself the following statements: “I have to [...]


What is your mind “set” on when you walk into the gym? Having a positive and focused mindset significantly impacts a successful fitness program.

Healthy Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

Football games can unfortunately be a trap to overeat unhealthy foods, but it’s not impossible to stay on track with your health goals! Our dietitians have found healthy substitutes for classic dishes to help you avoid excess calories this weekend.

Meal Prep for Beginners

Meal prep doesn’t have to be overwhelming or take hours of your time. Rather, it’s a great way to maintain a healthy diet and reduce the stress that often surrounds cooking.

Workstation Ergonomics

This week, we’ll talk about how to set up your workstation to promote better posture and reduce discomfort.

Keys to Healthy Nutritional Habits

Whether you are trying to lose weight, get stronger, or simply improve the quality of your diet, being realistic about your goals and strategy to succeed is key.

Strategies to Succeed: Time Management

Intelligent time management is critical to managing stress and excelling in all endeavors. When it comes to time management, prioritization is the number one issue to consider and is important on multiple levels.

Race to the North Pole: Final Standings

Congratulations Team Vixen! Thank you to everybody who participated. Everyone put in extraordinary effort, and we saw people get excellent results! Let’s keep the momentum going and treat the rest of the year like we are racing to the North Pole!

Strategies to Succeed: Inventory Taking

Over the last two weeks we have discussed the importance of “Goal Setting” and “Connecting the Short-Term with the Long-Term.” This week we are going to provide you with a tool to stay on track and help you succeed. We call it “Inventory Taking.”

Race to the North Pole Team Standings

The race continues to be a close one! Keep recording your points and answering the Bonus Question because it's going to come down to this last week. Keep up the hard work!

Race to the North Pole Team Standings

It’s a close race this year! Be sure to continue recording your points and answering the Bonus Question of the Week. Let’s have another great week!

Strategies to Succeed: “Goal Setting: Focus on the Long Term”

Goal setting can be tricky. To be successful with your shorter-term objectives, you must first have a clear vision of what your longer-term goals are. These goals can be considered the “end game” and should lead to greater personal/professional satisfaction and happiness.  Accordingly, this week we will focus on how to create long-term goals.

Recovery and Regeneration

Last week, we discussed how to best prepare your body to exercise and maximize your training through movement prep. This week, we take that concept a step further by discussing effective recovery and regeneration strategies.

Movement Prep

At One on One, Movement Prep (MP) is a vital piece of everyone’s program. Although the term “movement prep” is relatively new to the fitness world, the concept is not.  It is essentially a sophisticated “warm-up”.

Spine Care: What you need to know

By The One on One Team Have you or someone you know ever experienced back pain? Unfortunately, the answer is probably yes. Studies show that 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some point in their lives, many of which are caused by preventable, lifestyle-related issues. Here’s what you need to know. The Problem: The immobile/hypermobile imbalance The spine is made up of a series of facet joints that allow the torso to rotate, flex, and extend. When we are young, this series of joints moves perfectly in sync with one-another, much like the links of a well-oiled bicycle chain. They “share” the stresses created when flexing, rotating, or extending. As we age, become sedentary, and develop postural deficiencies, this system becomes [...]