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Meal Prep for Beginners

Meal prep doesn’t have to be overwhelming or take hours of your time. Rather, it’s a great way to maintain a healthy diet and reduce the stress that often surrounds cooking.

Safe & Effective Rotation

Knowing how to rotate properly is critical to ensuring healthy, effective movement both in and out of the gym.

Corrective Exercise

An intelligently designed fitness program addresses more than just strength and stamina; corrective exercise is necessary for addressing dysfunction and training authentic functional movement.

Carbohydrates are Key

We asked the experts… is the fear of carbs really warranted? According to our RD and comprehensive nutrition research, the answer is a strong no!


Knowing how to help your body adjust to the physical demands of working outdoors can ensure that gardening remains an enjoyable, even therapeutic, activity.


Whether to open/close doors, get the lawn mower started, or bring our grandchildren in for a hug, rowing is necessary for our activities of daily living.

Movement Prep

Although the term “movement prep” is relatively new to the fitness world, the concept is not. Essentially, movement prep is a sophisticated “warm-up”.


We all occasionally overeat, and anxiety about food and weight can make mealtime seem especially stressful and out of control.  This week we will discuss ways to eat in a mindful and satisfying manner.

Purposeful Walking

A long walk taken at a comfortable pace is great for relieving stress, clearing the mind, and taking time for yourself. By being intentional about gait, pace, and overall intensity, you can get more out of your walk!