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The Last 3 Reps

Resistance training can be tough, especially the last few reps. However, they are the most important of the entire set.

Optimize Your Endurance Training

Endurance training is typically the protocol of choice for those either training for a specific endurance event or looking to change their body composition. Find out how to get the most out of your endurance training!


Including deadlifts in your fitness program can help strengthen other exercises performed in the gym and help you achieve a variety of workout goals.

Healthy Eating on a Budget: Produce

The USDA recommends that half our plate be fruits and/or vegetables at every meal.  To meet this recommendation, we need to fill our shopping carts with produce…and do so without breaking the bank!

3D Matrix Training

To maximize our ability to function at the highest level, we must train our bodies in 3D. Matrix training is built around this concept.

Set-up and Endpoints

This week’s Focus Point will discuss two more: set-up and endpoints.  By emphasizing these concepts, you can ensure that your training is as safe and effective as possible.

Focus on the Process

When embarking on any new endeavor, we too often focus our attention and effort on something we have little control over: the outcome. Instead, we should focus on what we have total control over: the process.


Superfood benefits include preventing or reducing joint inflammation, improving bone health, lowering cholesterol/blood pressure, and reducing the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.


Participating in a system of accountability can be extremely rewarding and ultimately helps to ensure success in all facets of our lives.


Whether you’re exercising at One on One or going about your activities of daily living, you do a lot of squatting! Accordingly, it is important to know how to do it right.

Defining Your “Why”

Though short-term objectives can motivate you to start an exercise program or cross specific hurdles, it is the more meaningful, long-term objectives that will help you sustain a healthy lifestyle forever.

Footwear for Fitness

What do you need to consider when choosing footwear for fitness? The answer lies in understanding how our feet function and how various types of athletic shoes can affect that function.

The Joy of Cooking

Figuring out what to cook and cooking it when we are ill prepared, tired, and overly hungry is not likely to lead to an enjoyable experience. Today we will review a few simple tips to help you begin to find the joy in cooking again.

This isn’t a Practice Round

Written By: Bruce Burke I was struck today with just how much I take “time” for granted. In fact, I often find myself spending my days preparing for the future, almost as if I was prepping for “the big game”. What I constantly seem to forget is that this is the big game. It is amazing how easily I can let weeks and months slip by without really appreciating how precious each day is. How about you? How often do you take stock of your behaviors, habits and realities? Are you living life like it is the “big game”, or do you take the blessing of time for granted? Going forward, I intend to remind myself each day of how important “today” is. My goal [...]

One Day at a Time

Rather than getting bogged down in what you “should” be doing and where you “hope” to be, we suggest you focus on the here and now, and do so one day at a time (ODAT).

Hierarchy of Fat Loss

While there are endless formats and training styles in the fitness industry, Alwyn Cosgrove's hierarchy of fat loss outlines the most effective ways to reduce fat. 


We all occasionally overeat, and anxiety about food and weight can make mealtime seem especially stressful and out of control.  This week we will discuss ways to eat in a mindful and satisfying manner.

Lat Pulldowns

In addition to strengthening several muscles of the upper body, lat pulldowns also play a key role in improving posture and spinal stabilization.

Stay Focused for Summer

It is easy to put your health and fitness on the back burner while spending more time on other summertime activities (i.e. yard work, vacations, kids’ activities, etc.). For this week’s Focus Point, we are going to discuss potential roadblocks and establish strategies to help maintain your training focus for summer. 

Hydration: Are You Drinking Enough Water?

The consequences of dehydration include increased fatigue, headaches, dizziness/lightheadedness, and mental confusion. This week’s Focus Point will highlight the benefits of staying hydrated, as well as provide strategies to ensure you are drinking enough water.

Drink Fewer Calories

For those interested in losing weight and improving body composition, beverage choices are just as important as food choices. High calorie drinks can sabotage an otherwise well executed weight loss strategy.