The Virtual Training experience is like all One on One training programs. We provide you with the tools and support needed  to help you meet your fitness goals. Your Skype training sessions are purposeful, and we provide you with the guidance necessary to train effectively on your own.

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Expect the following from your Virtual Training Experience:

  • An effective training session in any environment. We can train you in your home, office, health club…wherever!
  • A shared folder consisting of your entire fitness program. Your program (including independent routines) are regularly designed and updated as your fitness progresses.
  • Equipment recommendations: Minimal equipment is necessary. However, we can provide you with suggestions and resources.
  • Equipment delivery: We can purchase, package, and deliver your equipment for you. You will be pleasantly surprised by how affordable this is!

Melissa’s Virtual Training experience “exceeded expectations!”

I just wanted to write and tell you how AWESOME my virtual training session experience has been! It completely exceeded all of my expectations!  I was so impressed by the organization of the sessions, the clarity of instruction via Skype, and the intensity that was maintained. I expected that I wouldn’t work quite as hard during these sessions as when I’m there in person, but I was wrong! My glutes are sore this morning!

I know this was Gbolahan’s  first time offering virtual sessions, but it seemed like he had been doing it forever! He was confident, enthusiastic, and so well prepared. What a gifted trainer! Thank you for working with me. 

I’m always delighted with the quality of my One on One experience, but I’ve been really thrilled with this new virtual training service.  For someone like me who travels so much, to have the ability to maintain some of my private trainer sessions while on the road has enormous value!  With my heavy competition schedule while I’m in Florida, it’s really cool to be getting some sessions during the week to keep my strength and flexibility up for the weekend competitions. 

Thank you so much!

-Melissa M. 

“I was a little skeptical about how well virtual training sessions were going to work. However, I was willing to try them to maintain structure and keep progressing my fitness while in Florida. I’m pleased to say they’ve provided me with the intensity and structure I was hoping for. I will continue taking advantage of this great new service!”

– John T.