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Tobi Paige

“One on One is a community, it’s not a gym. It’s such a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere when I expected it to be intimidating. It really is a special service and everything you need is here.  I honestly think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

Kristen Kelly

“The most valuable aspect of the services I’ve received so far is the individualization and the support. The team here is really good at getting to know you as a person and it makes all the difference. I’ve been more successful in a gradual way that has made my life easier and better.”

Lewis Foltz

In early July of 2017, I came to the realization that, in order to live my life to its fullest, I needed some serious help to get back into shape. At 357 pounds, daily tasks were becoming increasingly more difficult as my weight continued to climb, and I could feel a rapid decline in my health.

Debbie Young

I once lived with the constant struggle of being overweight. Fad diets, aching joints, and weight fluctuations literally weighed me down. In 2015, after discovering I was at the highest weight of my life, I was officially at rock bottom. It was time for a change.

Anna Griswold

Mind and Body : Commitment and Balance Heart and Soul : Understanding and Passion These words come to mind when I reflect on my year and a half at One on One. These words describe One on One the organization and One on One the staff and trainers. These words describe what One on One has instilled in me – both ‘on and off the court’.

Bob Woodard

I have been a One on One client since May of 2005. I went to them because I was a long-time sufferer of lower back pain. For over 30 years I had been trying various medical procedures to “fix” my back but none provided long-term relief. The constant pain and occasional debilitating flare-ups had significantly deteriorated my quality of life. Exercising was the last thing I felt like doing because I was afraid I would hurt my back even worse, but I was desperate to try to find a solution to my back problem. I was immediately impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of my initial consultation with Kym. She seemed to understand what I had been through & what I was going through at the time. Even though I had such a long and problematic history of back pain, Kym was confident that her program could help me. I was skeptical but was willing to give it a try.

Todd Hershbine, Minitab HR Executive Susanne Marder, Minitab Fitness and Wellness Director

We strongly recommend One on One, Fitness Consultants Inc. as a vendor of choice in providing fitness benefits in a corporate setting to any corporation who is serious about implementing a state of the art fitness program for its employees. Minitab entered into a business arrangement with One on One in 2004 in an effort to keep our low risk employee population stable and potentially motivate our high risk employee population to migrate to a low risk active lifestyle by encouraging participation in our corporate fitness programs. The goal was driven by a business necessity to control our future health care costs since our utilization reports indicated that at least 75% of our potential health care issues occurred in potential lifestyle disease and not catastrophic instances/shock claims.

Calvin Michael

Virtual training at One on One is far more valuable than I even imagined. In February 2016, it was time to take my health and fitness seriously. Living in Washington D.C., I had many options, but decided to choose One on One in State College because of their reputation for delivering real results. I wanted results, not just an exercise experience.

Carrie Marcinkevage

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you've done in my first 9 months with One on One. In February, I had a day off and stepped in on a whim, just to see what this place was. I'd noticed it while in physical therapy next door. Sitting in the lobby, my tailbone hurt so badly I could barely touch the cushions. And that was after two years of physical therapy, drugs, doctors, and pain. My last-resort recovery plan included a chiropractor and physical fitness. My first few weeks were daunting. Could I get there twice a week? What about work? Kids? Errands?Guilt? And can I really not kneel on one knee without falling over or do a single squat correctly? Top off the guilt with some gloom. Eventually you and John helped get me to a modest level of function, and things felt a little better. Then there were illnesses, travel, etc. - all the things that cause fitness ups and downs - but you helped me keep at it. Then this fall I noticed a few things. I could sit without pain. I didn't wince getting out of a car. I didn't have to survey the room for what chair would hurt least. What's more, is that a bicep muscle I see? An honest to goodnesss muscle?

Jodi Spicer

I was a member of a 24-hour gym and was not seeing any results and lacked motivation. It was then that I made the decision to work with a personal trainer to help achieve my health and fitness goals. When I did a search for local places, One-on-One Fitness was at the top of the list. Just looking at their website (reading their approach, reviewing the Staff Bios, looking at the services offered) provided the affirmation I needed that I was heading in the right direction.

Brenda Eissenstat

“Soon after I started working out at One on One Kym stopped by to say that I always seemed to be smiling. Last year after 4 ½ months with a slowly healing broken leg, any movement was truly pleasurable. But, that smile also represented a bit of self-satisfaction at getting the help I needed to get my leg and body back in shape. I have always been active and enjoyed outdoors adventures, but years of long work hours and other commitments had reduced my exercise time and intensity and allowed the pounds to creep on. I attributed my lack of energy to getting older.

Mark Johnson

When I started Group Training at One on One in 2012, I was overweight, had high cholesterol and lost my breath simply mowing the lawn. I needed to start exercising, but, like many of us, was apprehensive about getting started. However, with the encouragement of friends and neighbors, I decided to "show up." As I reflect, I'm pleased to say it was one of the best personal decisions I've made in my entire life. My health has improved significantly. I have lost an unhealthy 20+ pounds and have had my cholesterol and blood pressure medications cut in half!

Luke Davis

One on One University has been a blessing to me. I entered my senior year of college with uncertainty about my career, but I knew I had a passion for fitness. Although I was earning a degree in Marketing, I wanted to meld my passion with my career because I know that makes many people successful and fulfilled with their work. Once I decided to spend the summer in State College, I searched fitness centers in State College on the web for a place of employment. Let me first say that my prior training knowledge came from a couple of bodybuilding books and tips I learned in the gym from friends, and I was misinformed on many things. I knew that before I could be a personal trainer, I would need to improve my knowledge and skill level in training others. Fortunately, I discovered the One on One website and the One on One University program.

Cliff Wurster

General Douglas MacArthur, as he turned the final page on his storied military career, offered this somewhat somber observation. “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” Apparently, he foresaw retirement as an uninspired, dwindling, and nonessential period. Not so for me! I view retirement quite differently. Closing one door only means opening another to new, diverse, and exciting opportunities. One-on-One was such an opportunity…it offered a program of inspiration, rejuvenation, and relevance. If one committed to their program, then one could enjoy a solid foundation for an active, vigorous lifestyle.

Mimi Alexander

Following hip surgery and the appropriate therapy, I was in need of a program specifically designed to help me regain physical fitness. Kym Burke at One-on-One proceeded with great care and caution to alleviate my restricted mobility and to improve my muscle tone, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

Richard Singer

When I first came to One on One Fitness, I knew I needed help. I was overweight and couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without breathing heavily. The professional approach and non-intimidating environment made me comfortable from the start.

Ed Russell

When I first came to One on One four years ago, I was 50 years old and weighed almost 300 pounds. I had no energy and felt terrible. It was time for me to take ownership of my health and stop making excuses, which should have been easy…I am a shareholder of another local health club! Having access to a facility was obviously not the answer. I needed to work with professionals who could understand my challenges, see my vision and have the expertise to help me succeed. One on One has been the answer.

Suzanne Clapper

In 2001, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a disorder that causes widespread pain all the time. I was out of shape, overweight, and facing a future that included high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. I was in pain and unwilling to face a future that included medication and further medical complications. In February 2007, I decided enough was enough and started working out with One on One through my employer, Minitab Inc.

Noel Morton

When I decided to start One on One’s Personal Fitness program in June of 2005, I was 44 and brand new in town. I knew the kind of life I wanted, but how to realize and live my vision was certainly not clear to me. I felt overwhelmed. I was overweight, anxious and not sure what I wanted to do with my life. Exactly two years later, I was three sizes smaller and enjoying the best health of my adult life. I was astonished with the results. The experience was so amazingly positive for all aspects of my life that I made a decision to become a fitness professional myself.

Michelle Gummo

I’ve always realized that I needed to get serious about my level of physical fitness. I had always “talked” about exercising more and even dabbled in various DVD programs – nothing stuck and quite frankly, I hated to exercise. It was a chore and I often times found excuses to do something else. However, in the spring of 2012, it became different, I had reached a point in my life where my medical health wasn’t the greatest, layer in my age and my family medical history, I was slowly increasing my risk of establishing lifelong medical issues. That scared me. It was then that I started my journey.

Jill Detwiler

I really appreciate Lonny’s ability to communicate openly and be understanding of the obstacles I sometimes face while still having high expectations. When I came to One on One I had been told by many therapists all of the things I shouldn’t do.

Ana Farr

Have you ever been in a place where fear has hindered your desire to change? What did you do the moment came that your desire to change overcame your fear? I was in my car, after another lunch out, and decided I was tired – tired of feeling badly about myself and my habits. I had heard about One on One through friends and decided to stop by to get information. It was the best decision I’ve made in a long time!

Curt Steele

I just wanted you to know that my experience with One on One in State College has been nothing but the best. I feel very forunate to have found and joined your fitness center. I have made great strides in my fitness level, lost 3 inches from my waistline and have noticed that my endurance level and strength is getting stronger every month. I feel better physically now than when I was a much younger person. I was diagnosed with depression a couple of years ago and I have discovered that my workouts are helping me feel better mentally as well as physically.

Wilma Stern

I’ve been working out at One on One for over five years. At the start, no sweat and no pain was my mantra. I started out as an overweight couch potato with serious pain from an arthritis-like condition. I was also a very reluctant exerciser who needed lots of instruction and encouragement.

Alan Hawbaker

First, I want to congratulate you on winning the 2010 CBICC Corporate Philanthropy Award. You have worked very hard to grow your business and your reputation…and it shows. I also want to say thank you. Returning to One on One was one of the best decisions I have made. Since turning the big 5-0, I had been biking four to six days a week, kept a food diary and lost 60 pounds. However, I knew I was not getting it all done correctly.

Glenn Fleming

In 1989, I had some cartilage removed from my knee. It was a fairly simple operation, but I couldn’t get it back to normal. That is when I first came to One on One and began what has been a long, very successful relationship. Like many people my age, I’ve experienced a number of medical issues over the years. That first knee surgery was 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve had a disc removed from my back, heart bypass surgery and an operation on my other knee. In addition, I was in a car accident five years ago. I wasn’t injured badly at the time, but several weeks later I developed whiplash and the pain was miserable.

Lynn Myers

Another kind of success: Staying the course At One on One, we see many kinds of success stories. Some are dramatic and overtly visible in short time-frames, others are realized over years and decades. Lynn Myers is one such long term success story. She is a great example of how consistent exercise over the long haul can minimize the negative effects of aging and our environment.

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