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TRX Challenge 2017: Week 5 Results

This is it! One week to go! As we come down the home stretch there will be a lot of movement in the rankings. We can’t wait to see who makes a big push this week. Remember, this is all about challenging yourself and reaching your goals. Let’s finish strong!


Although we mostly think of accountability in terms of being held accountable, it is also about holding others accountable. Participating in a system of accountability can be extremely rewarding and ultimately helps to ensure success in all facets of our lives.

TRX Challenge 2017: Week 4 Results

We are entering crunch time with only two weeks remaining in the challenge! Every second counts now, so discuss with your trainer the best way to shave off those seconds. Let’s finish this challenge strong!

RD Kitchen: Greek Yogurt

What's on the menu for our first RD Kitchen...Greek yogurt! While you have almost certainly heard of it, you may not know why it is a better choice than regular yogurt.

The Last 3 Reps

Resistance training can be tough, especially the last few reps. Let’s face it, they are uncomfortable and can be a mental and physical challenge! However, they are the most important of the entire set.

One on One’s Nutrition Services continue to grow!

First and foremost, One on One is excited to introduce RD Kitchen! It's no secret nutrition information can be confusing...even misleading. RD Kitchen will help you learn more about the right foods to eat, their health benefits and creative uses, rather than simply focusing on what to avoid.

TRX Challenge 2017: Week Three Results

Three weeks down, three to go! It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway done with the challenge. We have seen some remarkable improvements and expect that the second half will be even more impressive. As always, it’s never too late to do the challenge so if you would like to give it a go be sure to talk to your trainer.


We commonly hear about foods that have little nutritional value and provide “empty calories”. What we don’t hear enough about are nutrient dense foods, or “Superfoods”…this week’s Focus Point.

TRX Challenge 2017: Week Two Results

Week two of our TRX Challenge is complete! We have seen incredible improvements and great competition. If you have not done The Challenge and would like to, it’s not too late! Be sure to talk to your trainer and create a strategy.


The deadlift is a functional movement that requires hip mobility, glute/hamstring strength and trunk stability. It is one of the fundamental movement patterns of our daily life, as well as an ultimate expression of full-body power. Including deadlifts in your fitness program can help strengthen other exercises performed in the gym and help you achieve a variety of workout goals.